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1 Purchase
2 Plug in
3 Play
Next Level Customize your Mouseplay mode!

Undetectable – Movements are indistinguishable from actual mouse movements.

Easy to Use – Designed to plug and play right out of the box.

Customizable – Personalized with other mouse movements such as browsing online.


“So simple yet genius plug it in and then magically look online, with Mouseplay I have been able to nap daily! Mouseplay is the best!!! How did I live without it.”

- Lazy Mouse

“It's been a lifesaver. I used it yesterday to buy flowers for my wife while I looked like I was working!”

- Troubled Mouse

“At first, I used it to keep the green dot on office communicator on, then I discovered record and play tasks, it actually helped me do my work faster!”

- Curious Mouse
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We currently have limited prototypes but will be launching more through Kickstarter keep in touch, help yourself and others around the world experience MouseplayTM!